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Ever wanted to know and feel how the intelligence officers or high profile security details and other tracking service providers feel when tracking a person? The mobile spy actually was created to make a person get the feel of this as it is a popular highly rated spying software.As it was named, it is a spying application majorly for a smartphone. Immediately it is installed,mobile spy starts operating in a ‘stealth mode’. Data and information collection starts then uploads all the collected data to its webpage using the phone’s data connection.This uploaded data is viewable anytime online.Iphones built a name for the mobile Spy as a productive spying software.Even though it faces a stiff challenge among other related products,mobile spy is known to outdo a number if not all the spying soft wares having huge market share.The rich features that it comes with that are unavailable in other products confidently places it on the top.


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The biggest question lingering in the minds of many is who are the potential users of the mobile spy or more specifically is who was it created for? Operations of the spying software are conducted in a ‘stealth mode’ which makes it hard for the user of the phone being monitored to know of an ongoing operation on them.This software conducts a silent operation as it records,transfers all the required data to the account of the user hence making it possible for you to have the ability of constantly monitoring them.It is used by parents and guardians for their notorious teens and employers in monitoring mischievous employees.
With the ability of monitoring the phone in question even when away from the targeted phone,mobile spy sends all required data to an account that is private in the platform of the mobile spy.This information is accessible from any computer immediately you have logged in and you are connected with an internet.

The employer or parent buys mobile spy then downloads its software and installs it on the targeted phone and customizes their required data collection settings.This is in order to what they want to monitor from the phone.

Phone user performs call activities,web browsing and also sending and receiving short messages.All this data is collected and uploaded on to the account in the mobile spy platform without the knowledge of the phone user.The data is then made available as mentioned above when one is logged into their mobile spy accounts hosted online.

The ultramodern next generation spying software the mobile spy records ‘SMS’ texts including the sender and receiver’s details,records received and dialed calls showing total spent time,also records websites visited.The unique mobile spy also records social media conversation.It also records the’GPS’ locations which can show movements,emails sent and received,photos taken,videos captured or that have been received or even sent.A record of full contact list is also made available,entered tasks,memos,events marked on the calender.The mobile spy can also remotely control the phone as well as having the ability of locking and unlocking the phone on target with the aid of remotely programmed commands.

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