Mitsubishi D904i – new phone gadget from Mitsubishi

New good looking gadget phone from Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi D904i.


The Mitsubishi D904i has a 2.8 inch QVGA display (240 x 400) showing 260,000 colors, 3.2 Megapixel camera, Micro SD card slot for memory expansion, GPS and full HTML browser.

The Mitsubishi D904i supports GPS navigation and the integrated media player can play WMA music.

Mitsubishi D904i is the built in six axis motion sensors, which means it can detect incination, revolution and horizontal displacement. Not only can you play games using the sensors but also take control over applications. With this new feature when browsing for scrolling all you need to do is tilt the mouse in the respective direction, same goes for MP3 player where you can change the track by shaking the phone to the left or right.

Other Mitsubishi D904i features include FM Radio with transmitter, voice commands and Felica compatibility for payments.

The price for this new gadget in not yet known.

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