Military Technology: How Combat will Change in the Future

The face of combat has drastically changed throughout the past few years. Drones have already become one of the weapons that the military now uses to carry out its military measures. Spy technology has also become utilized by the military to carry out its operations. Military technology and companies like Fastec engineering will continue to change the way we do war at a rapid rate, and these are some of the technologies that may be used.


Drones are small robots that are used to strike a target. After an order from the governement, the military may use a drone to kill a target. The public first became aware of the use of drones to kill targeted suspects when Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed by a drone in 2011. Another targeted drone strike killed the son of Anwar Al-Awlaki in 2013. It remains to be seen how the military will utilize drones in future operations to deal with suspects of terrorism. The super drone is another device that is currently being developed by the military. A super drone can travel up to 4,000 miles per hour. The drone will likely be released in 2020.


The meshworm is a new technological invention that is shaped like an earthworm and also propels itself like this creature. The meshworm slowly moves through the ground and has the ability to record data. It can creep into small places and record video and audio. The meshworm can then send information back to the government.

Bipedal Robots

The military is currently developing bipedal robots that can be used in rescue measures to find people stuck in war zones and buildings. These robots would be used to deliver emergency medical supplies and water to people in need, and keep survivors alive until help can reach them.

The Flybot

The flybot is a small robot designed to look like a lightning bug. The tiny robot will be used by the military to enter dangerous war zone areas. The robot will search for weapons and can detect chemical bombs with technology that has been developed in recent years.

Robot Horses

Robot horses will also be able to enter dangerous war zones. The robot horse will be used to carry supplies for soldiers, and will be able to respond to commands by lead soldiers in an operation. The robot horse is intended to blend in with a forest environment.

These are some of the top military technologies that will likely be released in the future. Military technology has and will continue to expand and become more advanced. These are just a few ways it has already begun to change.

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