Mighty Boom Ball. A New Gadget For Music Fans

If you enjoy music you probably use an Mp3 player, but how about having a speaker with you all the time?

Caring a speaker sounds scary? Obviously you haven’t seen the Mighty Boom Ball. It is the world’s smallest vibration speaker.

Mighty Boom Ball blue

Despite being just 3.5cm in diameter, the golf-ball size vibration speaker can project sound up to an amazing 20 metres away when placed on any object with a void – cereal carton, take-away box, biscuit tin, coffee cup, drinks can, milk carton…the list is endless.  See this video to see how Mighty Boom Ball works.

How Mighty Boom Ball works

This vide is hilarious and explains how Mighty Boom Ball works. If you want to see the gadget in action there are more videos here.

The pocket size gadget simply connects to any portable music device through the universal headphone jack, making it the perfect pocket-size travel companion.

I have tested a similar device and the sound quality is quite good, in plus if you attach the device to things like boxes, desks or furniture pieces the sound can be loud enough for a small party.

Mighty Boom Ball features:

  • small gadgets ideal for taking it with you everywhere (3.5cm in diameter)
  • can be attached to various objects to transform them into your personal speakers system
  • works with any MP3 Player and mobile phone which has a headphone jack

Pricing and availability

The Mighty Boom Ball is not an expensive gadget. It’s price tag is £15  and you can get one from Mightyboomball.com.

The device is available in 6 colors: Jet Black, Pure White, Sleek Blue, Tangy Orange, Bright Lime and Zany Pink.

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