Memo Motion Sensor Gadget say Good bye to Post-its

Memo Motion Sensor Gadget wants to replace Post-its.

If you are the type that always plasters Post-its all over your house and then forgets about them, the Memo Motion Sensor has been designed for you.

Memo Motion Sensor Gadget

Record a message on the Memo Motion Sensor gadget, and as soon as someone enters the room it starts playing back. Its main drawback is the limited memory, your message can’t be longer than 10 seconds. You’d better make that message brief.

Memo Motion Sensor gadget has some pretty practical uses, besides replacing impractical handwritten notes, you can set a warning that’s played back every time someone approaches. This could help you remember your to do list or Memo Motion Sensor could help others to find items you’ve left for them.

Dimensions of Memo Motion Sensor are 7.9 x 4.7 x 10 cm.

It’s available in Europe so far for €19.90 ($26.69).

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  1. Now I don’t know about you but how about a message that say
    Don’t move the cameras are on you and the cops are on their way
    Now that would be a great security while you are away. With attackers going into homes in the daylight it tough to think of someone in your home.
    That would scare the sh_t out of anyone

    The memo is really a get way to defrag your brain I love it and want one before I forget

    Great item
    Safe & Secure

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