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One of the most interesting aspects of an app-controlled toy is the way they help people to experience real life situations right in the palm of their hands, this I must say in my opinion is a huge advantage of these toys since I can fly an RC helicopter, compete in a golf world tournament, and even go fishing without leaving my dorm room.


Fishing is one of my favorite activities and I found a great gadget that provides a pretty good fishing experience without even owning a fishing rod, I am talking about the appFishing toy, and if you want to know more about having fun with this gizmo bear here with me, as I’ll be describing some of the basic features that this cool gadget has to offer you. AppFishing is a device where a smartphone can be inserted, and then an app called Fish it will create the perfect environment to go fishing without leaving the house; this amazing device is compatible with iPhone 3GS to 4S, if you want to use it with Android devices these are the minimum requirements:

  • Less than 4.7 inches length
  • OS 2.3 and above
  • Gyrometer
  • 320 to 720 pixels width
  • Camera
  • Multi-touch screen
  • Accelerometer

What can you expect form appFishing?


Some of the reviews that I read about this toy mentioned that there are no instructions about how to use it anywhere in the game, the fact is that I agree with this and even when it is kind of simple once you understand how to use the app, it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out; so here I will give a basic explanation of how to use this toy. Once that it is launched a screen called shed appears with five options and even when one of those is a help menu it won’t give instructions about how to control the app. In order to start playing it is required to touch the globe icon and another screen with different fishing locations will appear, since I assume you are brand new the only one available will be the US location so choose that one. Here is where it gets interesting because now you are in the fishing boat ready to throw the line; if you happen to be using the app with the appFishing gadget just use it as the guy in the video below; in case you are using the app without the appFishing then here it is what you need to do.

  • Press the left-bottom button to throw the line in the desired location. Do as the on-screen instructions say.
  • Wait for the fishes to get close to your bait and when the screen says that you got a bite pull the phone towards you to start fishing.
  • Use the right-bottom button to start pulling the line but be careful because if you do it very quick the line will snap, you will know this by observing a yellow bar that appears on the left side of the screen indicating the tension on the line, so make sure to not filling the bar. Once you get to know how to use the game it is very entertaining, patience and some upgrades will help you to catch the biggest fish.

Reviews and comments from current users

"My grandson loved the toy and played with it all Christmas day…He had no trouble learning to use it …A hit as a gift" "Okay, let’s start by mentioning that I am reviewing this item as an accessory for my iPhone. It works with other devices, but I do not own those devices and it would be disingenuous for me to claim I know anything about them. For the iPhone, this is a fun accessory that adds to the time-killing enjoyment of the device. Just download the app and it is pretty much "plug and play" from there. The responsiveness is solid. I did not notice any lag. The gallery of games of the device is kind of limited at the moment. Hopefully they will expand the library in the future. As a non-gamer I give it 4 stars. I am sure gamers who enjoy fishing simulators would enjoy this device. It has huge competitive potential." “This is a great toy at a really great value! If you are considering this for Christmas or a birthday gift, it’s well worth the low price! Very easy to use and load the app. It’s a lightweight pole, but again, it’s a toy. If watched over, though, I think even pretty young kids would get a kick out of this. We go ‘real’ fishing a few times a year (and sadly, never catch much…) so I can say the AppFishing is pretty realistic. Adding the cool pole just really kicks it’s realism up about ten notches! Plus, no dirty fingernails from baiting your hook, no worrying your kids will snag their sibling with a hook, no weather issues or sun in your eyes, and no driving somewhere to get that amazing feeling of casting and reeling. I LOVE IT!”

Is there any downside?

As I mentioned before, some users complained about the missing instructions, hopefully I already covered that and still left you some space for your own discoveries. The other issue that I found with this gadget is that it won’t work with those Android devices that do not have the minimum requirements mentioned before.

Start fishing today

Overall it is a great idea to try appFishing today since the app is free and you will not lose anything while doing it. In my opinion the app is fantastic and very entertaining; once you start to use it this game will make time fly. Happy fishing!  

About the author:

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Jose Lozano is an app-controlled gadgets aficionado; he really enjoys having fun with these amazing toys. Jose likes to share his experience with these gizmos so other people can have fun too. Driven by his passion for gadgets and hobbies, Jose recently started a website dedicated to share his love for RC flying toys, and on this website he enjoys sharing tips about his large RC helicopter, as well as useful reviews to help other hobbyists to find the best RC helicopter for them.

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