Marketing 101: Learn How To Use Email To Your Advantage

A low-cost and effective online marketing technique is email marketing and it is used by most entrepreneurs. It has a great reputation of being highly effective of attracting targeted prospects to your products and services. It may be used as a form of communication with your prospective customers or current customers to stay in touch or you can use it to send out invitations, offer free incentives or make special offers. Plus, it does not cost a thing to send out your emails except for the monthly fee that comes attached to most autorepsonder services. Below are some tips on how to use email marketing effectively.


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1. Design and Layout

Plan out the layout and design of your emails carefully. The layout should be simple to read and clutter free. The design should be minimalist and clean. Add in images but use them carefully. Optimize your images to load fast. The design you choose should reflect your brand. Also, your contact information and logo should also be included.

2. Subject Line

Remember that your email message will be among many that lands in your prospects inbox. If you send out information about your business, you will want to create a subject line that will grab the interest of your reader making them want to actually open your email. Ask compelling questions, refrain from making unbelievable claims and be creative with your messages. Think of your subject line as your headline to your business advertisement. It needs to attract the interest and attention of your reader or it is likely going to be ignored.

3. Send Qualify Emails

Nothing can hurt your branding more than sending out email messages that are poorly designed. Be sure that you research your email marketing campaign and plan in out ahead of time. Your email messages should be well researched and provide your customers with value. An email that is well-balanced will do far better than an email that is purely promotional.

4. Email Signature

One often overlooked, yet easy way to get your business website in front of a targeted audience is through email signatures. You should include a signature file that is customized in each email you send out. Most email software such as Growthmail, enables marketers to set up their signature file to display automatically at the end of each email that is sent out. It just takes a couple minutes to get it set up and have your signature showing on autopilot.

Be sure to measure your performance of each email campaign you have running. You can monitor this performance in different ways. You can get some useful insight of your campaigns through monitoring. You can monitor the response rate, delivery rate, click through rate and more with the use of email marketing software. You can track which emails were delivered, where were opened and which links inside the email were clicked. You can determine how effective each email that was sent is using this information and improvise on new campaigns.

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Michelle Patterson has been a freelance writer for over 3 years and has experience writing in the SEO Industry. She uses Growthmail to personalise for her work to help ensure brand consistency,for Email signatures and promote her writing and drive traffic to her website.

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