Mario Kart DS –Why It’s My Favourite Game

Mario Kart is one of the most popular games that Nintendo has ever created, whilst Mario himself is the most loved characters in the gaming world and arguably the most well-known. With games such as Mario Kart, which have been created for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS handheld consoles, it isn’t hard to see why it is so popular.

Mario Kart DS

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Mario Kart is a racing game, but it is not just your bog-standard race around a track against the computer. It is much more than a ‘win or lose’ style format; it’s a fantastic game to enjoy with your friends and is a laugh a minute. During the race you can shoot at your opponents to hinder their advancements or increase your speed and power by picking up special items, and beating your friends in this way really does provide great satisfaction. It really is a driving experience that I cannot find in any other game and that, to me, is what makes Mario Kart so special.


The 3DS version of Mario Kart lets you choose from 24 different Nintendo characters, so whether you’re playing alone or in multi-player mode, you can be whoever you want from the well-loved Nintendo family. The characters are categorised on the basis of weight classes, genders and different outfits. You can pick any of your favourite characters, from Yoshi to Peach or Luigi — you’ll find them all there. Personally, I prefer to stick to Mario.

You can even customise your car by adding different tyres, frames and even gliders. It gives you a realistic feel of driving – well, as realistic as it gets in the Mario world. You’ll find yourself feeling a bit nervous when driving so close to lava! This game is so exciting.

Simply Wonderful

As you’re able to choose from 32 different race tracks, ranging from up in the air to deep under water, it’s impossible to get bored. On the DS the game is split between the two screens; you do the racing on the top screen and make your selections by looking at the bottom screen. It’s very exciting playing in 3D and the colours are just mesmerising.

Play Against Anyone and Everyone

You can race against your friends with the ‘Community’ feature or you can venture online and race against up to seven other people from right across the globe, so you can play with people from Japan and France at the same time. If you haven’t played this game before on the Wii or 3DS or you’re just getting into gaming then it can be quite tricky to get the hang of the controls, but after a few races you’ll be a pro.

This game has evolved since it was first released many years ago and yet has not lost the soul of the game that managed to capture the hearts of many gaming fans across the world. This is why I love it!

Article by Bency George

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