Make Your Next Journey A Gadget-tastic Experience

Travelling around the world used to be a once in a lifetime experience and only a select few had the means to afford such a wonderful treat. As times moved on, we have been lucky enough to take advantage of cheaper flights and easier to attain visa entry permissions. As well as the more convenient travel arrangements becoming commonplace, we have also modernised the baggage and contents appropriately.  The days of huge backpacks and mammoth paper travel guides have pretty much disappeared. They have been replaced by a host of clever, bespoke gadgets and money saving products. This all adds up to a much more enjoyable and convenient experience for all concerned. Here we look at a few of these modern marvels and see what the fuss is all about!

SpareOne Mobile Phone


You may think that a mobile phone isn’t really an essential item for your next overseas holiday, but you would be wrong! How many times have you been stuck somewhere and really wished that you had some form of communication available to you? This device could literally be a lifesaver for many of us. The SpareOne Mobile Phone is powered by a single AA battery that boasts a lifespan of 15 years! The phone also has a built in powerful flashlight and will work in any country worldwide. Of course you will require a local sim card but the dedicated emergency services button means that help will only ever be a call away. This cool phone won the 2013 Consumer Electronics Association award, and that is a pretty impressive accolade!

Private WiFi           


Here we have another hi-tech gadget that offers some excellent services for those who love staying in touch with the outside world whilst abroad. Many of us bring our laptops and handheld devices on our travels and sometimes have issues with decent connectivity. Security is another headache that often results in hacked machines and stolen details. Well this gadget has both of those imposters covered, literally! Private WiFi offers you a secure way to connect to the local ISP and will never allow your security to be compromised. All of your details are automatically encrypted and all of these benefits are available at only $10 per month!

Mushroom Greenzero Wall Charger

We all love our handheld gadgets and they have become a regular part of our overseas jaunts, but what happens when the power runs out? Foreign power supplies can often throw a spanner in the works and even charging the device overnight can cause issues. An over juiced battery will sometimes become damaged as a side effect and this often spells problems for these expensive products. The Mushroom Greenzero wall charger is here to change all of this! As well as cutting off that expensive electrical charge once the battery is 100%, it also has a USB socket for your other handheld items. We think this cute little product is a genius idea and believe every cost conscious traveller should get one now!

3 Ways To Help You Travel!

All 3 of these clever pieces of kit will allow you a little more freedom and a lot less stress on your travels, and you’ll soon be thinking about more important issues like what sun cream to buy or which beach to chillax on instead!

Today’s guest author, Jeremy Soans, is a sales executive at Concept Plus, a store for promotional products in Canada. He is an avid reader and enjoys reading mystery novels in his spare time.

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