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We are at the tail end of 2013, and we are pretty much at the peak of the next stage of the mobile phone market: touchscreen smartphones. The form factor was mostly popularized with the arrival of the Apple iPhone, demolishing just about everything the previous mobile phone makers (Nokia, Motorola, etc.) have established.



If you’re not a sizeable electronics company (not yet, anyway), competing and coming out with your own smartphone isn’t exactly a viable business plan. Just recently, Blackberry, a smashing success of a smartphone company just four or so years back, is now selling itself at pittance compared to its peak value.

So, how are you going to get in on the momentum of this touchscreen smartphone phenomena? Before you head on out to get the paperwork so you could incorporate or form an LLC, consider these relatively low-budget ideas to get started in forming your own smartphone-based business:

App Development

If you have skills and competencies in the alley of project management and software development, you could consider forming your little ragtag app development company, exploring concepts and ideas and turning them into fully functional smartphone applications that people will buy and download.

On the other end, you could toss productivity and utility out the window and go right ahead with developing time and money-consuming mobile games. The market is just as healthy, if not more voracious. Getting people to spend money on your game app is the challenge, however.


This is both a potential goldmine and a reason to get enjoyably creative. Even back when phones weren’t so “smart,” accessories of all sorts were already a hit, from casing covers to little dangling decors and just about anything else you can imagine.

Touchscreen smartphones have so many possible modifications and decorations a creative owner could consider, and providing these potential customers a lot of options to dress up their phone with is a lucrative venture, provided you have a lot of compelling and creative designs that you could realize, manufacture, and sell.


Utilizing the convenience and intuitive design of smartphone apps, you can bring a new twist to an old business model simply by making the products and services available at a touch of a button. Things like food, item deliveries, services like cleaning, pet-sitting, courier, and a whole lot of other things you can hook up with an app for easy access.

You might even get extra creative and design entirely new services that can be activated via apps. I’ll leave those to your imagination, and I’m aware that some people’s imaginations can be quite… risque.

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