Magic Shirts Folding Board Review

I must confess I like gadgets but until now I folded my shirts the classic way – with my hands. But this will change from now on because now I have the Magic Shirts Folding Board.

This board was design to help up fold out t-shirts easily. It works very simple: place the t-shirt or other clothes on it and in just 3 moves the clothes will be folded in a precise manner. The big advantage is that the folded clothes will have the same size so  they will occupy less storage space.









Magic shirts folding board features:

  • designed to fold your clothes easily and efficiently
  • can be used to fold all sizes of shirts, pants, towels and sweaters
  • keeps your clothes tidy and free of wrinkles
  • simple seven step to fold a shirt

Magic shirts folding board review

This gadget is simple to use. Most of the clothes require just easy 3 steps to fold them. The folding board comes with along with a color page which shows how to fold clothes using the device, but the process is pretty simple and intuitive.

I used the board to fold my short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts. It was simple to folds them and all had the same size after the task was done.

Compared with folding the clothes by hand the process is faster and easier.

In conclusion: an useful gadget to have for folding shirts, pants, towels and sweaters. It is simple to use and the folding process is way faster when compared with folding clothes by hand.

Pricing and availability

The Magic shirts folding board price tag is $17.40 and it can be found at

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