Location Based Technology

In our days it is easy to know where your child is. Some kinder gardens and schools have the possibility to see what your child is doing using a direct connection to internet.

In the last couple years there was an explosion on the child surveillance market. A lot of Location Based Technology was developed.

The location based technologies where developed because of the threats of our days. Everyone is concern about their child safety and want to permanently know where the child is and what is he doing.

One of the best developed technologies is a small gadget called PocketFinder.

product[1]PocketFinder was created to provide a new level of security and to give parents, guardians and pet owner’s peace of mind and comfort.PocketFinder is a Personal GPS about the size of a cookie, which receives signals from the Global Positioning Satellites orbiting the earth. Using this gadget allows the network of members to locate anyone carrying this device, whether that person is inside of a building or in the great outdoors.

How the Personal Locator works?

The PocketFinder must be place on the target (the people or pet you want to keep an eye on) and it must be activated. PocketFinder will receive signals from the Global Positioning Satellites orbiting the earth. After that the network will begin receiving your devices location information by sending a private code over the wireless cellular phone system to the PocketFinder secured network.

You will then be able to look up the last known location of your child at any time by going to www.pocketfinder.com or by calling our automated phone system.

The most popular feature of this personal locator is the ability to setup safe and danger zones. Every time when your child or pet enters or exits one of these zones you will be alerted.

PocketFinders are small, rugged and water right.

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  1. This is the smallest version of one of these trackers that I have ever heard of. You can also get a version of a portable GPS tracker than when you press a panic button, it sends your coordinates via SMS to your family members so that they know where you are to come and find you.

  2. Michelle E. Cantu

    This was a great invention. Now, you can locate or track people who have this. Thank you for posting such an informative article.

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