Lindy WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones Review

After my tests with the Novero Rockdale Headphones which work via Bluetooth, today I tested some wireless headphones. The model tested was the Lindy WHF-45.

These are hi-fi headphones which operate using wireless technology.





Lindy WHF-45 Headphones features and specs:

  • allows you to listen to your TV or music without disturbing others
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology for transmission distances of up to 45m
  • comfortable and lightweight over ear design with soft cushioned earpads for use over long periods
  • high quality 30mm drivers provide high fidelity audio performance
  • can be used with your TV, Hi-Fi, Tablet, MP3 Player and more
  • transmitter unit features a built-in USB DAC to allow you to listen to audio from your PC via USB
  • works with 2 AAA batteries which provide enough power for 10 hours

Lindy WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones review

The first thing I noticed about this product was that it came with a lot of accessories. In the pack were the headphones, a wireless transmitter, a multi country USB power supply, an USB cable, a 3.5mm stereo audio cable, a phono to 3.5 mm adapter and user manual.

Installing and starting listening to music on the WHF-45 was easy. I connected the wireless transmitter via USB to my computer and pressed the connect button.  That’s it and the Lindy headphones were ready to use.

The sound quality is very good, and in plus the headphones are comfortable. The wireless range is quite large – up to 45m. I could walk around my apartment and still enjoy music, without interruption.

The Lindy WHF-45 can easily be connected to all sorts of audio devices. The wireless transmitter can be powered via USB or using the included multi country USB power supply and with the help of the included 3.5mm stereo audio cable you can connect the headphones to any device which has a 3.5 mm audio port. I used them along with my Mp3 player without problems.

The headphones required 2 AAA batteries which are not included in the pack. Because the battery life is 10 hours of using the device it is recommended to use a battery charger and rechargeable  AAA batteries. This way you will save money on batteries and also reduce waste (the batteries are not eco friendly because they contain heavy metals which contaminate the soil; this is why it is recommended to use rechargeable models and to recycle them).

In conclusion: the Lindy WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones are simple to use, easy to connect to a large area of audio devices such as laptops, smartphone, tablets, TV, Mp3 players, deliver a clear, powerful sound and come along with useful accessories. Also the noise cancellation works very well.

Pricing and availability

Lindy WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones price tag is £54.98 and you can find them on

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