Ligo BlueWave Mobile Hub

Let’s be honest, mobile phones are pretty great but, for many people, they are also a massive pain in the ass because of dropped (or God forbid) no signal at all in the home. Thousands of unfortunate souls live in homes which are basically where mobile phone signal goes to die and they will spend hours each evening just trying to get a single bar of signal on their mobiles. This is a pain which you need to feel first hand to know just how infuriating it can be but, thankfully, you don’t need to tossed your mobile against the wall in anger (again) at a complete dearth of signal because there is technology out there that is here to help.


The piece of kit in question is that of the BlueWave Mobile Hub from Ligo which, despite its unassuming look, is actually capable of quite a nifty trick that will stop you tearing your hair out at you immensely frustrating mobile phone dead-spots around the home. Basically, the Ligo BlueWave Mobile Hub will give your mobile phone a kick in the pants and get it to man-up a bit. Well, sort of. What it will actually do is allow you to sync any Bluetooth mobile phone to the hub, which means that you can make and receive mobile phone calls (even if your signal is at an all-time low) through your home phones as the calls will be redirected there. All in all, a must-have bit of kit for anyone who finds lost signal and mobile phone dead-zones too frustrating to bear!

Find out more about the Ligo BlueWave Mobile Hub at Ligo Cordless Phones.

Guest post written by Leo Parker.

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