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Light bulbs are probably the most innocuous objects in anyone’s house. When they work, no one notices them and when they die, they are replaced and still nobody notices them. But these simple units of indoor lighting have the power to save or burn possibly hundreds of dollars a year. It all comes down to what kind of light bulb you use, be it old fashioned incandescent light bulbs or full (though initially expensive) indoor LED lighting. But, then again, it also depends on where you come from – Australia, for example, phased out incandescent bulbs back in 2007 in favour of the more advanced compact florescent lights or C.F.Ls. The European Union followed pretty soon after and phased out the older bulbs in 2011.

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But the world is not Australia and Europe and for the vast majority of the people who live elsewhere, there is still a huge question as to which bulb they should use to light their house. At first glance it might seem like the phrase ‘old is gold’ holds good here, considering that a typical CFL bulb would cost around $14 and lasts ‘only’ 1643 days while if you were to spend $14 on incandescent bulbs (each of which costs $0.5) lasts 4676 days – over five times the duration. But many other factors play a role. An ordinary 100 watt incandescent bulb will cost a whole lot more for indoor lighting since it consumes so much more electricity, when you factor in the money you save on the electricity bill, it is absolutely clear that you would have saved a lot more money than if you had stuck with convention.

Even on less financial grounds, indoor LED lighting is pretty much in vogue these days. Indoor LED lighting gives rooms, both commercial and private, a chic, elegant look which the ordinary boring incandescent indoor lighting system lacks. The number of things one can do with a good CFL bulb are pretty much limitless and the amount that you save, not only in terms of money but in terms of the environment and the style status you could achieve all amounts to the fact that CFLs are in and incandescent bulbs are out.

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