Do you ever find yourself dancing in front of the mirror singing into your hairbrush? Be honest now, half our office have confessed to it (and the other half we suspect are in denial!) Now wouldn’t it be cool to add a bit of funky lighting into the mix. Michael Jackson blaring in the background, some rather dubious moonwalking and some serious flashing lights, now you’re talking.

The Lightcast is the Millenium’s answer to Disco Lights. Using the Audio Input Cable, you can plug the Lightcast into your MP3 Player, your PC or even an electrical musical instrument, and get a multi-coloured light show that will pulse along to your sounds. With a subtle, circular shell, the Lightcast homes a refracting lens and a whopping 33 LEDs. The adjustable lens shoots out beams of red, green and blue coloured lights in sync to your music’s beats. There are even four adjustable moods so you can alter the lightshow depending on the genre of your sounds. The Lightcast comes with a mini remote control for adjusting its lights and moods, and of course for using as a play microphone when you are dancing around in your living room.

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