Light 'N Strike Math

Light ‘N Strike Math

Learning math has never been this much fun
It can be quite a challenge to get your child interested in learning math. At a young age, match can appear to be quite complicated, difficult and even boring! However, it’s extremely important that your child get a strong grasp on simple math concepts early and easily
Turn math class and math homework into the most fun and interactive part of the day with the Light N’ Strike Math game – the game where math, timing and hand-eye coordination come together to create an environment of achievement and fun!

How it works
The Light N’ Strike Math game works by allowing your child to dictate play and figure out answers for themselves. Unlike calculators or flash cards, Light N’ Strike Math puts your child in control of their actions!
Select the equation you want to practice: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. And then choose from one of 3 skill levels. The easy-to-read display screen will then feature a math problem for you to solve.
And that’s where the fun begins! Use the included soft mallet to strike the numbers that correspond with the question when they are lit up. For example, if the question on the screen is 5+7, you would hit the number 1 when it is lit up, followed by the number 2 to create the answer 12. When you think you’ve got the right answer, strike the enter key with your mallet and see if you’re correct!

Learning and fun come together
With the Light N’ Strike Math game, your child will hone their mental math skills and reasoning abilities in a fun and interactive format that encourages education and achievement.
With easy to read buttons, bright lights and fun sounds, the Light N’ Strike Math game will soon become your child’s favorite toy to play. Durable enough to handle whatever can be thrown at it, you can use and play Light N’ Strike math with or without the included rubber mallet.

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