Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet: Most Bank for Your Buck

Is 2014 the year you finally invest in a well-built, highly versatile tablet? Tablets are arguably the hottest mobile devices available, and every tech junkie wants to get his or her hands on one. As you research different makes and models, don’t overlook the Yoga Tablet 10 from Lenovo.


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The competition is tough, and the market is ripe with options, but the Yoga Tablet has earned its rightful place amongst the competition. Critics have called the Yoga Tablet 10 “aesthetically unique” with a “thoughtful design.” Here are a few reasons to consider the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10.


Lenovo has priced the Yoga Tablet 10 affordably, right around $300. It’s great for students on a budget or professionals who want to expand their mobile device portfolio without dropping a bundle of cash.

Quality Display

The Yoga Tablet 10 has a large 10-inch screen and a 1,280×800 pixel resolution. The tablet also offers a 178-degree viewing angle and in-plane switching technology.

Operating System

Android fans can rejoice, as the Yoga Tablet 10 is powered by Android 4.2 JellyBean. Lenovo has run its own skin over Android, and the app draw has been removed and replaced with app icons on the home screen (a configuration similar to Apple’s iOS).

Attractively Designed

The Yoga Tablet 10 is composed of a sturdy metal alloy frame and a plastic rear cover with a faux metal finish. It weighs 1.33 pounds and tapers to 3mm at the edge. The back of the tablet is laser-etched to prevent scratching and has a chrome-painted trim to enhance its appearance.

Battery Life

Critics have been quick to notice the Yoga Tablet 10’s “spectacular” battery life. The tablet offers an impressive battery life — up to 18 hours — enabling you to use the device virtually all day and most of the night without the need to recharge. The battery is actually located in a cylinder-shaped side chamber which offers increased room for battery storage. (FYI: if you’re looking for it, the power button is located on the side of the battery chamber.)

Build-in Kickstand

The Yoga Tablet 10’s built-in kickstand is one of the device’s best features. The tiny kickstand shifts the center of gravity so you can tilt the tablet as you type or game, or stand the tablet up to watch videos, video chat with a friend or listen to selections from your music library.

Ergonomically Designed

The Yoga Tablet 10 has also impressed critics with its ergonomics. Lenovo wanted to create a tablet that not only looks sleek, but is also easy to use in a physical sense, for the ultimate user experience. Thanks to the tube grip where the battery is housed, the tablet is very easy to hold with one hand.

Between the kickstand and the tube grip features, you can switch seamlessly between three modes: hold, tilt and stand.

Audio Capabilities

The Yoga Tablet 10’s speakers are front-facing, rather than side or bottom-facing, and the tablet has Dolby Digital Plus enhancement to give you an allover better audio experience.


The Yoga Tablet 10 has a 5.0M rear and 1.6M front camera which take beautifully crisp photos and promote a clear video chat experience.

Storage Options

The tablet has 16GB of eMMC storage but can support up to 64GB with its micro-SD card slot, making it easy to transfer large movie files or photo galleries. Simply flip open the kickstand to access the card slot.

Other Features

The Yoga Tablet 10 has integrated Bluetooth capabilities, 8.02.11b/g/n WiFi and GPS. It can also hook up to an optional Accutype keyboard, which is a Bluetooth accessory that also acts as a cover for the tablet.

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