LED Car Sign

LED Car Sign

Isn’t it strange how when you’re driving along it’s always everyone else who’s the idiot? Of course from time to time we’re all idiots, and for the most part not intentionally, but nevertheless inevitable and puerile hand gestures always seem to follow. Well the LED car sign let’s you express yourself in more efficient and most of the time a very much more considerate manner. You just fix the wireless remote in the front of your car, and place the unit on the back shelf. You have five different messages you can illuminate to whoever is behind you, a Smiley Face, and Winking Face, ‘Thanks’, ‘Back Off’ or ‘Sorry’. It’s pretty silly, but we reckon it would help calm a lot of the over-heated nonsense that goes on out on the open road.

You can have this for £24.99 – Approx USD $44.98 / €36.99

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