Leawo DVD Copy Review

The latest software I testes was the Leawo DVD Copy. This is a program for DVD backups and for copying DVDs.

There are two versions for this software a free trial and the full version. I tested the full version, the Laeawo team offered me a license for testing the product.

Leawo DVD Copy Review 1

Installing Leawo DVD Copy program was really simple and it was installed in less than 2 minutes.

The first thing I noticed was the user’s interface. It is simple and effective. I like this. The interfaces is intuitive and there is not a learning curve. It took me less than 5 minutes to accommodate with the software and start coping a DVD.

Leawo DVD Copy Review 2

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To copy a DVD there are several options:

  1. The user can simply drag the files into the box which says “Drag files into me”
  2. The user can click on the  Add Blu-ray/DVD button and add the files from a CD-ROM, from a folder or from an ISO file.

Leawo DVD Copy Review 3

I like that things are simple and coping a DVD is easy.

I wanted to copy a DVD and I used the Add from a CD-ROM option.After inserting the DVD and selecting the CD-ROM option I clicked on the Copy button.

An menu popped up allowing me to chose  how I want to copy the DVD. I had 3 options – to copy the DVD:

  1. In a folder
  2. As an ISO file
  3. To a DVD

Leawo DVD Copy Review 4

I chose to copy as an ISO file and then I inserted a blank DVD and copied the ISO file to the DVD.

The whole copy process worked without any problems. First an ISO file was created on my HDD and then the information from the ISO file was copied on a DVD.

The Leawo DVD Copy is useful for coping DVDs and for creating ISO files.

I like that I can create ISO files because for the films I use often I don’t bother looking for the DVDs. I simply copy the DVD on my hard drive as an ISO and play it with a player which knows how to handle and play videos form ISO files.

Creating ISOs is a huge plus for the software and I really appreciate this option.

Copying a DVD without creating and ISO is also simple – the user must select that the files will be copied on the DVD burner.

Leawo DVD Copy Review

This software is simple to use and it works well. I like that I can create ISO files with it and then burn the files on DVDs. It is quite useful fro backing-up DVDs.

The program worked well during my tests and I didn’t have any problems with it. I played the burned DVDS on several DVD players and they all worked well.

In conclusion:

For someone who want to back up his DVD collection or to burn DVDs the Leawo DVD Copy is a good solution because it is simple to use and it does a good job at burning DVDs.

Price and availability

You can download the trial version fro free from Leawo’s official website. The pro version costs 29.95 fr one year or $39.95 the lifetime license.

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