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Sony looks like it is continuing to develop compelling high end smartphones, with recent rumours suggesting that a new device called the Xperia XT is currently on the cards.

Sony Xperia S

It received positive critical responses to the Xperia S earlier in the year thanks to its 4.3 inch high definition touchscreen display, but the XT will be taking this even further with suggestions that a larger panel is going to be a key feature.

Also known as the LT29i and also the Hayabusa, the Xperia XT will allegedly feature a 4.6 inch screen, presumably with a resolution of 1280×720 since this is now the norm for range-topping devices.

This will put it a tenth of an inch behind the HTC One X and 0.2 inches behind the Samsung Galaxy S3, which means that it will be a real rival for these pocket-filling big screen smartphones.

Inside the Xperia XT will reportedly feature 1GB of RAM to help run Android 4.0 smoothly, while on the rear there will be a decent 13 megapixel camera that should allow it to outshine its nearest rivals in the photography department.

Interestingly the XT will run a dual core processor rather than a quad core CPU, which means that its technical capabilities might be lagging behind those of the One X and Galaxy S3.

Whether or not this will actually hurt it in the long term remains to be seen. The XT could be priced below the competition while still offering almost all of the same features, which might make it an attractive option for those who are conscious about the amount they spend on their monthly contracts.

Leaked images published online show that the Xperia XT will hark back to older models in the range in terms of its style, perhaps carrying on an aesthetic arrangement that first arrived back when Sony was still working with Ericsson on mobile handsets.

Some sources are also saying that the Xperia XT will actually be the international version of an existing Sony phone known as the Xperia GX. This model is already on sale in Japan but has yet to be modified for use in other nations.

There is certainly room in the smartphone market for more big screen Android devices, particularly since only a handful of respected brands are actually producing these at the moment.

Sony`s progress has been relatively slow when compared with the stellar performances put in by Samsung and Apple in recent months. However, it does have a swell of critical approval buoying it upwards and it has been some time since one of its flagship devices did not achieve anything less than glowing reviews.

Sony is expected to reveal more about the Xperia XT and some of its other new smartphones at this year`s IFA conference in Germany. Until then only the swirling of online rumours will be able to dredge up new information. Those who are looking for phones and free gifts will have to wait even longer to see what offers arrive in tandem with the Xperia XT.

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