Laser Challenge Pro

Laser Challenge Pro

These two monster weapons are packed with enough technology to keep you happy for hours, if not months. Each gun has a 75m range as well as a laser dot sighting spot (as is required in pretty well every macho boy movie) to make targeting your enemy easier and a lot more fun.

If you get hit ten times you’re not only dead, but you’ll need some lessons. Maybe you should use the ‘Beginner’ switch on the side of your gun to give you a wider beam, and flip your fire rate to automatic, which is a load more fun anyway.

Each gun has an on-board LCD screen which keeps tally of the score and shows you how much ammo you have left – fortunately you can reload at the touch of a button!

As well as barrel extensions, fold down legs and an extendable shoulder stock, this awesome weapon comes with a rotating sighting scope, giving you everything from wide view, down to expert sniper.

You can either play with all the regalia on the guns, or strip them down to pistols for faster and less cumbersome close quarter play.

As they come with three channels, you can play with up to three people (though of course the third person will also need to get hold of one of these top shooters). It was quite exhausting just trying to list all of the features these puppies have, let alone run around playing with them. Suffice it to say that Laser Challenge Pro is about as good as it gets.

You can have this for £49.95 – Approx USD $89.91 / €73.93

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