Laptop Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Buying a laptop can be stressful enough without thinking about accompanying stuff that might become useful somewhere along the way. This is why we usually start using, and eventually get used to, a "bare-bone" configuration. What many of us don’t realize until we give it some thought and do some testing is that using a laptop can be a much more pleasurable experience than it currently is. Here is a little list of handy laptop accessories you should probably give a try.


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Laptop bag/backpack

The first item on the list may come as a surprise. How is this an accessory I didn’t know I needed, you may ask. Well, we’re not talking about that backpack you pack your lunch in when you go for a picnic. We are talking about a true laptop bag.

Moving from one place to another and using your laptop for what it’s meant to be used can be annoying and harmful for the machine itself unless you have a proper equipment to make sure the computer is nicely tucked in and protected from the mechanical damage. Next time you wrap your laptop in a sweater and put it in a backpack which is just big enough to support it, remember that laptop bags are there for a reason and there is a big choice of them.


Cable lock

If you have ever wondered what the purpose is of the little inset at the side of your laptop that is not any of the ports, we are here to let you know – it’s a place for the cable lock. Cable locks are really great for everyone who lives in constant (rational or irrational) fear that their computer is about to be stolen. It doesn’t cost much but it works great and your brand new Asus gaming laptop will be much safer with it.

Laptop docking station

Docking station is a good investment if you are thinking about starting a home office. They let you connect all the IT gadgets you own, as well as some useful peripherals. This way your little part of cyberspace will become more unified. Also, say goodbye to slow transfers of data.


Wireless mouse

This one may again seem strange to some people, especially to those who got used to touchpads as soon as they had started working on laptops. Those who never did know what we are talking about. However, even the first kind might see what type of comfort they are missing if they decide give wireless mouse a try.

Yes, a wireless mouse will help you keep the freedom you would expect from a portable computer. They have come a long way (and some of them further than the others!), their batteries now last for a long time (25-50 hours) so there’s nothing to worry about on that front. And you’ll see why they are great when you sit back and start browsing the Internet comfortably for the first time in years.

TV flash stick

Many of us simply stopped watching TV once the internet enabled us to watch what we want, whenever we want it. However, some people like TV, because they like to be served entertainment. For them, there is a wonderful accessory called TV flash stick, which brings all the goodness of the digital television right on your laptop’s display. Fancy a soccer game on the go? TV flash stick got you covered.

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