Kvm Switch: Hardware Gadget to Organize Multiple Computers from One Keyboard

KVM switch (with the initials KVM standing for keyboard, video plus mouse) is a hardware device, which allows users to control several computers from a single or more keyboard, video or mouse. And, even though there are many computers that are connected at any given time to this switch, only a number of these computers may be regulated at any particular time. Moreover, most IT firms make use of KVM switches to reduce the amount of input devices as well as monitors needed to control many servers.


Therefore, with KVM switches the number of equipment required for controlling several computers is reduced. This way KVM systems help in streamlining operations; bring about significant savings and simplify control.

Home use of KVM switch

KVM switches as implied from the onset are useful where several computers are required without the need for a committed monitor, keyboard and mouse for every one of them. They are often made use of in data-centers where several servers are placed in a rack with a keyboard, monitor as well as a mouse. A common use of this in the home is when the complete-size keyboard, monitor as well as the mouse are enabled for use with any portable device like a tablet PC, PDA or laptop.

When a business requires a KVM switch

Just imagine a room replete with 10 servers. To be able to control those without the KVM switch will mean that 10 monitors, 10 keyboards as well as 10 mice will be required. In addition to this, there will also be the need to provide such equipment with electricity, which in turn may lead to the need for this room to be air-conditioned as a result of the heat generated so as to prevent overheating. What is more, there will also be the constant need to get every one of the console controlling these 10 devices. This require a lot of moving around not to mention the space such devices will take.

However, having a KVM switch changes the whole situation. With this device, you will be able to control all 10 computers from just one monitor, keyboard including mouse. This will significantly reduce your equipment requirement by as much as 50%. A similar situation will take place with your energy needs. And, as far as space is concerned this may be reduced by as much as half as well. Thus, allowing you to put such space to better use, even as you can control all your computer devices from a particular location.

Also, KVM switches allow different users to access various hardware that are connected to the very same system at the same time. This seriously improves efficiency, administrative flexibility plus productivity.

KVM switches are available in different ranges, style as well as functionality. The USB version of this device is known as USB KVM. It enables a user to control many USB computers through just one USB keyboard, mouse and a VGA monitor. Usually, KVMs allow the sharing of 2-4 computers. However, up to 20 machines can be joined on a just one switch configuration. Be advised that in the course of power failures when a personal computer is rebooting for some time KVMs won’t be able to detect the keyboard and the mouse.

Today, there are different types of KVM switches. This includes USB switches (a switch that allows USB cables, PS/2 connections among others), DVI (Digital Visual Interface) switches that allow the use of DVI compatible monitors, Display Port switches that allow this technology, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) switches; this is particularly useful in the audio/visual production field and the Multi-User switch that allows simultaneous access from several locations by more than one user.

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