Key Shaped Bottle Opener Keyring

Key Shaped Bottle Opener Keyring
It looks like a key. It feels like a key. It’s attached to a keyring, so it must be a key. No. You’ve been fooled, and so will your chums with this authentic hardened steel key that’s also a hardened steel bottle opener. Or maybe it’s a bottle opener that’s also a key.

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  1. I had one of these, it worked really well. It was attached to my wallet and I loved it, but I lost my wallet in a rather intense night in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

  2. Good, now I can better conceal my rampant alcoholism, wait, I still have to drink the beers… D’Oh

  3. keys.ha ha ha

  4. Nice gadgets… Looks very handy…
    It will fits in with all my other keys… =)

  5. Cool key. Super funny and useful too 🙂

  6. The SwissTech Utili-Key is a similar key-shaped, 5-in-1 tool that includes a bottle opener!

  7. I have one of these. Made by “SuckUK”. Bought it at Urban Outfitters for probably about 5 bucks (US). Not very effective, in my opinion. As you can see, the the opener (part that actually touches the bottle) is probably about a 1/10th of an inch wide. Some bottles I’ve opened have needed a second “prying” from another side of the cap because of this small size.
    While it’s a discreet bottle opener, i would recommend others with a wider base.

  8. This item can be of good use to a beer lover like me. Probably buy me one of these. On a side note for the coolest widgets and gadgets for techie guys and gals, try browsing over at

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