Key Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing has taken off in recent years, and now more businesses than ever are taking advantage of it. However, many still do not think that they can benefit from incorporating cloud business solutions in the workplace. So what are the key advantages of cloud computing, and should you adopt it in your organisation?

1. Employee Flexibility

One of the main benefits that cloud computing services have brought to businesses is the increase in flexibility for employees.

With cloud computing applications, your employees could technically work from anywhere while still accessing documents and projects that the rest of the team are working on. Cloud computing services like SkyDrive Pro allow real-time collaboration on projects from anywhere, and this can be incredibly useful for your employees.

This could allow you to employ more staff working from home either permanently or on a part-time basis, and this could have other benefits for your organisation. For example, with less people in the office you could hire a smaller space and spend less on equipment.


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2. Instant Updates

If you invest in cloud software solutions, you will not have to worry about carrying out updates on a regular basis to maintain security and compatibility. Instead, cloud companies are more likely to update their software instantly with no need for you or your users to do anything. This can help you to save time and hassle, and overall it can be a lot more convenient.

3. More Productive Employees

When you make things easier and more convenient for your employees, they can often become more productive. For example, if your employees are able to work from different locations without having to always be present in the office, this can help them to be more productive. Many cloud software solutions are also easy to learn to use and follow familiar menu layouts, such as in Office365, which can help to make your employees more efficient.

4. Never Lose Important Data

If you back-up all of your organisation’s data onsite, if something were to happen to it, you could end up losing everything. However, when you back up your data online, even if something happens to your premises you will still be able to ensure that your crucial data is safe somewhere offsite, which can help to avoid serious problems.

5. Easier than Ever

Things like SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 have made cloud computing and remote working easier than ever before, meaning now is a great time to look into the available options. There are now more applications than ever for cloud computing, and the number is only going to continue to grow. With so many opportunities available, cloud computing will continue to become easier for companies to take advantage of.

Time to Experiment with Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has many benefits for organisations of all sizes. If you have not yet experimented with cloud computing, consider the benefits above and try it out for yourself. You may find that it becomes a very positive technology for your business, so give it a go and see if your business can take advantage of it.

This is a guest post from Glen Chambers of BrightStarr, which provides digital solutions a wide range of organisations and global enterprises. Find out more about the services it provides by visiting the website at

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