Keeping in Touch: 5 Fun Social Apps to Try

Are you still stuck on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat? While these may be the most popular social networks in terms of user count and daily activity, they seem to be stuck in a 2015 pattern of little innovation. Whenever these social networks announce a new feature, it no longer feels like they are breaking new ground as much as they are copying each other. According to Domo, nearly 20 million megabytes of data are being generated by means of internet communications every minute. It is up to you to find an online community that is dedicated to making these large data counts fun and engaging.

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If you are looking for new, meaningful and fun social interaction, start exploring new social apps. All of the five social apps listed below will allow you to make new friends, but some of them are better for romance while others are geared towards special interests.

Over the last few years, young internet users who have had enough of Facebook started moving towards Tinder, an online community that started off as a dating app and has evolved into a place where smart, sensible people can easily make new friends. In 2016, Tinder made headlines as an internal group formed to promote the political aspirations of Senator Bernie Sanders. Although political conversations are encouraged on Tinder, solicitation of voting commitments was considered a spam movement.

The premise of this mobile app is quite simple: record videos and use them as a form of messaging. It almost sound like Snapchat, but Dubsmash goes further with the ability to lip sync over song snippets or movie quotes recorded in digital format. This neat feature allows for hilarious messaging as well as incisive social commentary on current events.

This is an app that emerged from an innovative and fun game that eventually turned into a close-knit social network. The premise of the game is very entertaining on its own: it is a simulation of a spaceship about to crash, a trope popular in science fiction films. Players must connect their mobile devices by means of a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection as they stare at what looks like cockpit controls labeled with hilarious pseudo-technical functions that must be shouted for the purpose of avoiding a fiery crash. Spaceteam is ideal for players meeting in real life and shouting at their devices, which is more entertaining than shouting at each other or posting memes about Donald Trump.

This app started as a cloud collaboration and project management tool that users have been transforming into a social network. Interestingly enough, Slack started as a game with social media features; however, the developers saw the value of the app as a tool for business. The core function of Slack is to provide chat, messaging, search, and file sharing tools, but the topics created by the teams and the ability to invite outside members for input make this social app interesting to those who find LinkedIn as being too involved in self-promotion.

Google Allo

If you find it difficult to choose between Google messaging apps, you should give Allo a chance. The most interesting features of Allo include smart replies and the powerful Google Assistant, which make this app stand out for the rest. Book clubs and tech enthusiasts have already formed Allo Groups to search for like-minded individuals with common interests.

The five social apps listed herein could be your ticket out of the dearth of meaningful engagement offered by Facebook these days. Keep an open mind when trying out these apps and looking for new friends.

By Dixie Somers


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