JIVO UtUNE fm transmitter And Car Charger For iPod

JIVO UtUNE fm transmitter And Car Charger For iPod

The Jivo Utune wirelessly connects to your car or home stereo. Simply Plug the Jivo Utune into the headphone jack of your device and tune your car stereo or receiver to any clear FM frequency and enjoy your digital music.

Run the Jivo Utune using the Car Cigarette Lighter or alternatively insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment and connect the stereo connector to the audio player.

The Utune has a USB port which allows you to simultaneously charge your iPod or other deviceBacklit LCD for ease of use. Displays FM frequency, battery status, time and temperature.

Save up to 10 programmable channels. Play songs through your audio device, including iPod?, MP3 player, CD, DVD, PDA, Laptop, PC, recording pen and mobile phones with a headphone jack.

Charges your iPod or other device through Dock connector to USB cable Scans in 0.1MHz intervals seamlessly

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