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Jiayu is a Chinese leading hi-tech enterprise engaged in development, production and marketing of mobile devices. Jiayu smartphones are by now gaining global recognition and reputation providing great possibilities at a reasonable price. It is a rather promising mobile brand investing much of financial and human resources into research and innovations as well as into quality of the products. The most popular Jiayu smartphones are Jiayu G5S and Jiayu S2 which we are going to review and estimate for you to make your choice simpler and clearer.

A modern mobile owner faces a hard choice as there are globally renowned brands offering their names on the case of the phones being nothing but style and flossing and cheap Chinese smartphones which are efficient, powerful, durable and yet well made. Many users believe the myth that Chinese goods are of rather poor quality however it does not concern Chinese smartphones by Jiayu brand as these are high quality devices of excellent performance outdoing most reputable mobile brands.

Jiayu S2


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Jiayu S2 is an 8-core devices with each core featuring the frequency of 1.7GHz empowered with Mali-450 GPU. The device features 5.0” IPS display of the highest resolution of 1920*1080 with OGS LTPS technologies. The new smartphone has got two cameras. The back Panasonic CMOS camera is of 13MP featuring 5-piece lenses, blue film filtering and rather wide angle f/2.2 aperture. The front Sony camera is of 8Mp for exceptional quality of selfies on the greatest background a front mobile camera can ever grasp. The stainless steel frame provides the best protection of the hardware and the display. The casing is rather slim (6mm). Ultra narrow side borders of 1.7mm enable the widest viewing angle. The Jiayu gadget supports two micro SIM cards for a user to take the best advantage of the lowest tariffs of mobile carriers. An inbuilt gesture sensor will provide the easiest and simple navigation and control of the device and a proper protection of a gadget. The device is marketed as multifunctional being fast enough for smooth browsing and data transfer and powerful enough to support the most demanding and power consuming apps and gaming. The large display will be a perfect platform for crystal clear viewing of multimedia content of any sort. Power saving technologies will enable the device to live longer on a single charge in hardcore using mode. The device is driven with Android 4.2.2 being the greatest platform to customize and personalize a device according to personal needs and desires.

Jiayu G5S


Another monster mobile device from the Chinese brand is Jiayu G5S with a true 8-core processor with each core tickling at the high frequency of 1.7GHz. The powerful processor is backed up with 1Gb RAM being rather enough for flawless multitasking. The device features 4.5” full lamination HD display with 2.8nm technology. The gadget supports 2 SIM cards in stand-by mode. The phone gets 13MP back and 3MP front cameras for ultimate experience of shooting your life in the greatest details in any mode. The gadget will be of great interest for those users starving for exceptional style solutions as it encased in a metal frame with the thinnest borders for the widest screen viewing angle. Simple user interface will let every person as amateur so pro mobile user feel easy and comfortable with the device. Its software platform is the #1 world’s mobile OS being Android 4.2.2 which is the most customizable and personalized OS for a user.

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