It's Not A Smartphone App, But It Will Change Your Life

Colour contacts have been filling our television shows excessively over the past few years, and with our TVs and movie theatres embracing supernatural themes, what better way can you think of to add some mysterious spark to characters. From completely natural looking eyes to animal ones, recreating them for your own pleasure has never been simpler.


Image source With werewolves and other supernatural animal-hybrids being so popular on television right now, recreating their ferocious look is misleadingly simple with animal contact lenses. Fans of the excessive-eye candy filled show Teen Wolf will particularly appreciate the red, yellow and blue variations available. Move From The Animalistic To The Supernatural A step up from animal inspired eyes is completely paranormal looking ones, so why not draw inspiration from than the television show Supernatural. Fans of the hunting brothers will recognise the telltale sign of demon possession is the change in their eye colour, and this is easy to create with a spooky pair of coloured contacts. If you are a big fan of the Lord of The Rings movies, you’ll notice that every elf is blessed with beautiful blue eyes, but it is not a mere trinket they carry – these are the result of natural looking colour contacts. While these little pieces of technology might not need batteries or be able to connect to the internet, nobody should underestimate how they have the ability to change your fashion life for the better. These cosmetic eye inserts don’t have to be bold and fantastical. Even outside of television, plenty of celebrities such as Megan Fox and Britney Spears have changed their eye colour from browns to blues. With so many people changing their hair colour so casually, why not your do the same to eyes? There are plenty of other types of colour contacts out there, and probably the most underrated type are UV contact lenses. Eyes that glow under UV light to make you look completely paranormal, why wouldn’t you love that? Whether you’re on a night out or you’ve planned a holiday for some serious clubbing at places such as Ibiza or Magaluf, get into the party spirit some unique contacts or UV enhanced ones – both perfect for adding some flare to your look. Whether you want to pay homage or do an elaborate cosplay, there is a limitless selection of colour contacts to choose from. From subtly changing your appearance to making yourself appear more fantastical, keep your eye on the prize and give these eye transformers a go! Laura Watson loves using contact lenses to transform her style, and thinks that more people should be realising the potential of these quirky little gadgets.

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