Is Your Kid a Science Nerd? 7 Reasons to Get Your Child a Microscope

Watching your child grow, learn, and mature can be a rewarding experience for a parent, and knowing how to help your child do these things can be equally important. If your kid is not interested in science, you should know that there are seven good reasons to get your child a microscope.

Is Your Kid a Science Nerd 7 Reasons to Get Your Child a Microscope

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Develop Logical Thinking Skills

Science is one content area that will help your child develop logical thinking skills that will serve him in all academic areas. Science gets kids thinking because they have to hypothesize, test their theories, test variables, and find results. This helps kids think through processes which directly correlates to writing, reading, and math.

Learn to Question

In science class, kids learn to ask questions. However, instead of the teacher answering the questions, kids learn how to find their own answers. This is a skill that wills serve them long after high school and into their adult lives. They learn not to always believe fallacies they are presented with and seek to find rationales that work for them.

Create Interest in Academics

Many children love science class even when they dislike others. This is typically because kids get the chance to perform hands-on activities and labs in science class instead of just taking notes. Science could be the course that hooks your child to get him interested in school. As a parent, you want your child to be engaged during the school day to learn all he can. The microscope is the start of that.

Self Directed Learning

Kids who are science nerds figure out how to direct their own learning, so they rely less on their teachers and adults in their lives for answers. Instead of waiting to be told information, they become active seekers of knowledge. This directly relates to the research process for any content area. Imagine having a child who is motivated to seek knowledge on his own with no extrinsic reward.

Using a Microscope

Teaching your kids how to use a microscope can be a step by step process, even though kids generally learn just from just using the microscope. However, it is important to show your child how to use the glass slides, how to focus the lens, and how to care for the microscope is necessary. After-all they are not toys, but tools meant to be tools to help stimulate your child’s interest. These are skills that teach kids to be responsible and use their free time for useful endeavors.

Inventions Pay

Kids who are science nerds also tend to think differently. When they seek solutions, they often invent their own. Your kid could be the next child genius making money off of his very own invention before he is twelve years old.

Future Career Options

It is no secret that there are many high paying jobs in the field of science. If your kid loves science, he many be headed for college and a great career field that is sure to be hiring when he is ready.

Let your science kid’s love of the subject rule! There are some great reasons to get your child a microscope if he or she doesn’t have one.

By Lizzie Weakley

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