Is the New Galaxy S4 Groundbreaking in Any Sense?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been eagerly anticipated by smartphone users. As the Korean manufacturers previewed its high-end features and stunning visual appeal, even iPhone users may have found themselves second guessing their choice of brand. But is all the pageantry surrounding the S4 warranted? In other words, is there anything groundbreaking about this product? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for in a mobile device.


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According to the ratings at TechRadar, the Samsung Galaxy S4 warrants four and a half stars. The phone has been well received, in part, for its exceptional screen quality. The same high definition technology that makes the average person feel as if non-HD TV is like watching something from a 1980s film projector is now available in smartphone form. The Galaxy S4 boasts a five-inch 1080p screen. In laymen terms, this basically translates to a picture that is unbelievably clear and vivid.

For this reason, the S4 may be considered groundbreaking for people who use their phones to watch videos and movies, play games, face chat, or look at pictures and images.

While the size of the screen is large, the phone itself is still comfortable to carry (the screen basically takes up the entire device). In fact, when compared to its predecessor, the S4 is actually a bit smaller and a few ounces lighter.

Other perks that the S4 offers includes a processor that is incredibly fast, an expandable memory card slot, and a camera that might have even made Ansel Adams proud.


On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 is not without its faults. To begin, the material of the actual phone gives off an essence of cheap plastic, leaving some people to feel like the product could fall apart in their hands. This complaint isn’t limited to the S4; it has been a common trend among a variety of Samsung products.

Another issue that has arisen involves the internal storage, or lack thereof. While the S4 claims to have 16 gigabytes of storage, the actual number may be quite less on international models as well as some U.S. products. This has generated so much controversy that, according to the International Business Times, the BBC show Watchdog investigated Samsung for false advertising.

There have also been some problems with the UI, or user interface. Extra lights, blurred lines, and disproportion have been reported among some users.

Finally, the S4 may be among the most feature-packed smartphones on the market. This can be advantageous to those who truly understand the ins and outs of a mobile device. But to the average consumer, so many features can seem overwhelming and unnecessary.

The Sales Figures

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sales figures of the Galaxy S4 have been solid. Since the phone hit the market in April, Samsung Electronics says that it has moved more than 10 million units. Analysts state that this is what they expected and surmise that they will sell 20 million units in the second quarter and 30 million in the third.

These numbers are higher than any other Galaxy model to date, making the S4 truly groundbreaking in some sense of the word.


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