Is The Linksys E2000 The Right Router For Your Network?

One thing that I have learned about computers is that they are aggravating. What you expect from a computer is different from what you really get. Sometimes getting on the Internet is a pain, even if all you want to do is read your emails. To help make the internet connection more painless is to use a router. Routers can be used for various situations. If you have more than one computer in your house, you will need a router to connect them all. A router can be used if you own a small business with numerous computers.

You only need one internet connection for all your computers if you use a router in your home or workplace. As you would expect, there are many routers available today at all different price points with various features to select from. One particular router that is garnering many accolades is the Linksys E2000. The Linksys E2000 is an inexpensive wireless router that is extremely simple to use and has better speed and range than the Netgear WNDR3700. You will be able to enjoy the advanced wireless-N technology with its extended range, making it ideal for larger homes. The router boasts of transfer speeds of up to 300 mbps, making it ideal for gaming consoles and other wireless devices. If you have an hdtv or blu-ray player that is Internet-capable, you can hook those up to the router as well.


If you need to do fast file sharing and you have PCs with gigabit network ports, the router comes with four gigabit ethernet ports. For wireless connection, the router has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz options so you can reduce network interference in your home or office for improved file transfers. The Linksys E2000 comes with Cisco Connect software, which will set up your system in just a few simple steps. Your own security settings, including firewall protection, will provide your network of computers protection from Internet threats. Visitors can be given access on a separate network to the Internet. This way your visitors can access the Internet, but no access to your computers. Internet access can be limited or blocked by using Cisco Connect’s Parental Controls.

The Linksys E2000 is the mid-range of the Linksys E series routers. It is perfect for those who need more than a bare bones router, but have no need for everything that comes with the top of the line. All wireless network cards or wireless network capable computers are able to work with the Linksys E2000 as long as they are 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.3, or 802.3u. It features a pretty standard setup with the following ports: Internet, Power, and 4 Ethernet ports. If you are in need of a router, is the Linksys E2000 the best one for you?

For the cost, this router will do everything you require for a mid-range router. Because the router possesses a MIMO system, you get more bandwidth without the increase in power. Having the option to choose the better frequency in your area is a great benefit. The single thing that it has to have included was a USB port for a network drive or printer but it is not really that essential. The Linksys E2000 is an excellent, good value router that will offer you a dependable network system.

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