Is The BlackBerry Z10 A Game Changer?

The latest device to be released by BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research in Motion) is the BlackBerry Z10. It hit the shelves in January 2013 and is believed to be a game changer and the smartphone that may very well bring the company back in a big way. The Z10 is a vast departure from previous releases of BlackBerry phones, as it includes a touchscreen without the customary full QWERTY keyboard the phones have long been known for including. As this device is still new and has only just arrived at many of the wireless carriers, it is necessary to explore the features it delivers.

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Layout and Storage

The BlackBerry Z10’s touchscreen measures 4.2 inches and has a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, or 355 pixels per inch. It’s shape somewhat resembles the iPhone 5 but has distinctive features that Apple does not. Versions in both GSM and CDMA are available as the Z10 is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. It is a 4G LTE device that delivers lightning fast speeds when connecting to the Internet.

Internal storage for the BlackBerry Z10 clocks in at 16GB, and this can be expanded as the smartphone includes a microSD slot. Cards of up to 64GB can be used to store photos, videos, music, and more content. Like many of the smartphones of today, it takes a micro SIM card.

The Z10 is one of the thinner and lighter devices on the market at 0.35 inches and 137.5 grams, respectively. It is an NFC-capable smartphone, which means it includes near-field communications technology that allows users to make payments at select stores simply by scanning their stored debit or credit card information from their phone. It also allows for sharing content like photos and video with another individual who has the feature enabled, simply by touching the backs of the phones.

Operating System for the Z10

The operating system on the BlackBerry Z10 is BlackBerry 10 OS. It is a great platform for any user who enjoys multitasking, and includes many of the same features found in previous versions. Generally speaking, the 10 OS may not be the easiest to learn, but once the user has become familiar with it, using the BlackBerry Z10 is a breeze. There is no back button as the main idea with the phone is to move forward. Apps that are minimized are stored in what is called the Active Frame. Swiping left will allow the individual to access the BlackBerry Hub or email inbox, while swiping to the right will provide the user to a set of panels that consist of apps. Virtual Phone, Camera, and Search buttons appear at the bottom of every screen.

Using the Touchscreen

The home screen of a BlackBerry Z10 can essentially customize itself because the eight most-recently accessed apps will update as new information arrives. This is similar to what happens with Windows Phone’s live tiles and Android’s widgets. There is also a page of icons, and you can move the icons around and create folders, which can be done on an iPhone.

The keyboard of the BlackBerry Z10 is considered to be one of the device’s best features. There are actually two keyboards, and although the Z10 breaks away from the pack as it doesn’t have a physical keyboard, the touchscreen is easy to use and is highly intuitive.

The BlackBerry Z10 is compatible with most email services, and the user also gets BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Evernote, which are all built in. When messages arrive, the user will be notified with a small red blinking LED light above the screen. BlackBerry Maps, an organizer, as well as photo and document viewers are also present.

The battery of the device is a standard Lithium-ion 1800 mAh. It will provide the user with up to 10 hours of talk time and with as much as 312 hours of standby time.

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