Is it Time to Buy a New Home Telephone?

The days where everyone had the same phone provided by the telephone company are long gone. Today, there is so much choice that it can sometimes be hard to decide which kind of home phone to buy. If you are unsure which design or style to go for, read our short guide for further help and advice.

Looks are important

These days it is easy to find a phone that matches your home decor and reflects your personality. You can choose anything from retro to ultra modern designer telephones, which look great in today’s contemporary-looking homes.


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Functionality is also important

However, when buying a telephone for your home it is also important to consider its functionality. You are very likely to be using the phone every day so you need to be able to understand all of the functions it has available.

Basics like caller ID and easy number storage usually come as standard these days. However, you should also check the capacity of the phone. For example, some phones only store 30-40 numbers, which is not enough for most people. If you like using an answering machine then consider buying one that has this functionality built in.

Also think about how usable the screen and dial pad will be. This is especially important if someone in the home has difficulty with their eyesight. The ability to change the size of the font on the screen and big keys can make using the phone much easier.

If you are someone who puts their cordless phone down and cannot find it again when it rings then you should consider buying a corded phone. It is a bit old-fashioned, but for some people it’ a great solution.

Consider how many handsets you need

If you have a lot of people in your house, or find getting around difficult then having a handset located in each room can be helpful.

Extras that can save you time

If you have a lot of contacts to move across from your old phone then typing them all in manually can be very time consuming. Fortunately, these days you can buy phones that allow you to slip the SIM card from you mobile into the handset and make a copy of your contacts from the card. Last number re-dial is another great time saver; look for a system that allows you to also call back missed callers at the touch of a button.

Buy a good quality phone

If you want your phone to be reliable and not start to play up after a year or so you need to buy a good quality phone. Cheap phones look OK and work fine for a while, but because they are usually made with cheap parts they have a tendency to break faster than a phone made by a well-established phone manufacturer. If you buy your phone from a large retailer you will usually get a good choice of branded products to choose from and can, if you want to, buy an extended warranty.

By Ben Cody

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