Is Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 Tablet Worth Buying?

Since they were launched on the market tablet PCs fascinated me because they were small, light and offered good computing power. Also I love to read and my library’s shelves were full of books so I really needed an ebook reader.

I wanted a device which can be used as a computer and as an ebook reader. Long battery life and computing power were the features I wanted the most. So I have begun my quest on finding the best tablet PC for my needs.

The iPad was my first option, but since I don’t like to pay for the brand I have looked for a gadget which had similar features and a better price.

First I went to a tech store and played a little with all their tablets. The cheap ones were some pieces of garbage with low quality components and also had just a few basic functions. When I was ready to leave I have stumbled upon Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 Tablet. It was a tablet which could be transformed into a netbook using a docking station.

Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 10.1 inch Tablet with Keyboard Dock

It was ultra thin and light, it used a powerful processor – the vidia Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU and the battery life with the docking station was great – up to 18 hours. Also it was cheaper than the iPad 3 with 32GB. I knew what I wanted.

Because I felt in love with the Transformer Prime TF201 I bought it.

I have tested this tablet pc for 1 month and it is the best gadget I ever had. I’ve read several books, surfed the web and managed my websites from it. The battery resist one full day of playing with the device all the time and 2 days if you use it moderately (if you shut down the device when you go to sleep and use it a few hours per day one charge will be enough for 3 days).

You can do pretty much anything you can do on a laptop with the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 and it is also a good ebook reader because it can be used even in bright sun.

Until now I have used it to read ebooks, visit websites, send emails, stay in touched with my friends via social sites and programs like Skype and Yahoo messenger, view movies and play games (there are plenty of free games which are fun to play).

So in conclusion if you want a tablet PC which offer  super portability, power and good battery live you should consider getting an Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201. The device is cheaper compared to an iPad 3. Toady the price tag is  £497.00 on and $479.00 on


After almost one year of extensive use the Android needed to be reinstalled(returned to factory settings) and the tablet has a problem with the camera (the screen is green). However I still love the tablet and what it can do. Still my favorite gadget.

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