Iron Man Gadgets

At QuizFactor we are all about big quizzes. Iron Man aka Tony Stark uses state-of-the-art gadgets to battle crime and protect the citizens of the world with his high tech flying suits. To celebrate today’s release of Iron Man 3 in cinemas, we have explored the high tech world of his suits and the amazing gadgets inside them.


A fictional engineer, billionaire and founder of multi-billion technology business Stark Industries, Tony Stark has a world of fantastic technology literally in the palm of his hand. Throughout his comic book and cinematic history, Tony has crafted a huge number of fantastic suits to battle evil and save the world, each with their own unique abilities and technology. There’s a sneaky stealth suit, a deep-diving oceanic suit, a near-indestructible armour for battling a certain Marvel demigod, a dedicated suit for his loyal assistant and girlfriend Pepper Potts, and one suit can even fly in space!

In this huge infographic, we take a tour through the exciting contents of Iron Man’s armoury, the gadgets contained within and document each armour’s opening appearance. Also, see if you are as smart as Tony Stark by testing your knowledge with our Iron Man quiz!

Image and text send by Jessica Crandon

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