Ipod gadgets models

I have realized that I was talking about the iPod gadgets without having a special post about them. So I’m going to correct that.

What is iPod?

iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and launched in 2001. Devices in the iPod range are primarily digital audio players, designed around a central click wheel — although the iPod shuffle has buttons also.

As of October 2005, the line-up consists of the video-capable fifth generation iPod, the smaller iPod nano, and the display-less iPod shuffle. The full-sized model stores media on an internal hard drive, while the smaller iPod nano and iPod shuffle use flash memory. Like many digital music players, iPods can also serve as external data storage devices. In January 2007, Apple announced the iPhone, a device that combined the features of the video-capable iPod with mobile phone and mobile Internet capabilities. (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod)

What iPod looks like. iPod popular models

iPod nano

iPod nano is smaller than iPod mini and has a color screen and a Click Wheel but has flash memory instead of a hard drive. Song and photo syncing only occurs over USB 2 (not FireWire). iPod nano comes in white and black. The capacity of the iPod nano is engraved on the back of the case (1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB).

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle is smaller than iPod mini and has no display. There are LED lights on the front and back. The capacity of the drive is engraved on the front USB connector.

iPod mini

iPod mini is distinguished from other models by: its smaller size, its colors, the Hold switch, which is on the top-left side.

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