iPhone Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

According to a recent press release, Apple returned nearly eight million new iPhones to their manufacturer Foxconn for a wide array of issues. While it is estimated that this could cost the manufacturer well over a billion dollars, have you thought about what it would cost you if you ended up with a dysfunctional phone? While the report does not include specific mention of the most common problems or the most commonly affected models, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to figure out if that issue your phone is having could be an indication of a more serious issue.


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Leaking Lights

Light leaking usually presents as an unequal distribution of light in the display of a given device, especially around the edges of a computer monitor. Numerous iPhone owners have reported that their new device is leaking light near its power connection port. While this is not a serious issue for the practical performance of the device, it is a sign that the quality of the display may be compromised. Fortunately this type of manufacturing mistake is completely covered under your warranty.

Flickering Displays

Some users describe a flickering screen effect whenever they type on their smartphones. While this is an officially recognized issue, it is actually part of a software problem rather than a manufacturing error and can be resolved by installing the latest updates to iOS 6. However, if you still experience a flickering display even with the latest installation of your operating system, this may indicate a serious problem with either the display or the installation of your OS, both of which are covered under your warranty.

Unstable Wi-Fi

If you are having trouble finding your Wi-Fi network, losing your connection repeatedly, or having a sustained abnormally slow connection speed, you may be the victim of a serious manufacturing defect. While many users have circumvented the problem by adjusting their HTTP proxy settings to fully automatic, returning your phone to Apple as soon as possible is your safest bet. Not only could this defect continue to affect your wireless connectivity in the future, it may get worse or even prevent Internet access entirely.

Broken Buttons

Many users have reported problems with their analogue power button, noting that only one side of the button was fully functional. While this may seem like a relatively minor issue, depending on the source of the issue, button connectivity may only decay further with use until the device is fully non-functioning. Even if your analogue buttons can still be coerced into working, seeking repair or replacement as soon as possible is your only safeguard against the high probability of a soon-to-be dead phone.

Time Sync Problems

Many users began frantically looking for a solution when they noticed that their iPhone seemingly out of nowhere lost its ability to sync the time with its messages and services. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you live and how long your contract is, these issues are actually a carrier problem and are not covered by your warranty. While a variety of software-based workarounds are available, you do not have to worry about sending your phone in under warranty if this happens to you.

This article was contributed by CJ Gordon, gadget nut, master troubleshooter and Apple devotee. As a social media expert with an engineering project management firm, he knows the benefits associated with having a working mobile phone

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