IPad mini newbie guide: How to lengthen the lifespan of battery and extend its battery life

As all we know, all Apple’s devices are equipped with the rechargeable lithium battery, and iPad mini is no exception. As an IPad mini newbie you may don’t know much about how to prolong its lithium-based Batteries. But do not worry, just master the common sense below can lengthen your iPad mini’s lifespan of battery and extend its battery life at ease.


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1: Temperature

Do not locate your iPad mini in high temperature environment such as exposed to the sun, a hot unventilated vehicle cabin. High temperature is the most important factors to reduce battery life and the best temperature for iPad mini is 50° to 95° F.

2: Using the latest version of the IOS

The latest IOS provides lots of battery performance improvements, thus keep the device use the latest version of the iOS operating system.

3: Keep a charging cycle one month

Keep a charging cycle at least once one month. A charging cycle is meaning consume its electric power completely after a full charge. The benefits of keeping a full charging cycle are ensuring your iPad mini battery sharp and doing much good to your iPad. To do a full charging cycle, follow the two following steps. Step 1: Drain your iPad mini battery completely, step 2: Plug in your iPad mini till it is fully charged and wait more 10mins before you unplug it.

4: Settings Optimization

Details adjustment and extend battery life including adjust the brightness, keep Wi-Fi/Blue tooth off, shut down network?using flight mode when poor signal?reduce the use of location services and closing push notifications etc. These all can reduce power consumption and improve the battery life.

In addition, many iPad mini users many ask “should I disconnect my iPad mini from the power grid when I be not using it?” The answer is no and there is no necessary to disconnect your device from the power, because as soon as the battery is full, your iPad will discontinue charge automatically for stop charging. I ‘d like to say that this practice is safe for you.

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