Innovation at Its Best: Five Advancements in Technology That Will Blow You Away

Human progress is a remarkable thing to observe; just when we laymen think that there couldn’t be many breakthroughs left, science diligently proves us wrong. Unfortunately, the preponderance of us are much more concerned with sitcoms and reality television to research, and major scientific and technological advances. There have been a number of recent scientific and technological breakthroughs that have gone almost unnoticed by the population at large, but are still guaranteed to blow your minds!

Innovation at Its Best Five Advancements in Technology That Will Blow You Away

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1: 3D Printers (Not What You’re Thinking)

3D printers have been in the news a lot lately since they’ve now become substantially more affordable than they used to. While printing out 3D images is incredibly cool, it doesn’t even top their experimental potential. Right now, projects are underway that will let people grow their own organs for transplants. The machine uses a person’s own stem cells and a sample of the designated organ and, in theory, prints out an organ that will work in your body.

2: Futuristic Homes Security

Not too long ago, home security was essentially the hope that everyone in the area wouldn’t feel the inclination to break into your house. We then started moving towards systems that can be activated at a central location that automatically notify the police after a period of time. Now, with the increased importance of our smart phones, smart security systems are getting upgraded again. Now it’s possible to remotely set your alarm, check in wirelessly on individual rooms via preinstalled cameras, and ensure that your house is safe and secure.

3: Carbon Nano-Tubes

Carbon Nano-Tubes are the superstars of chemistry today, they’re capable of doing dang near everything and anything. From replacing electrical equipment to providing a possible material to construct a space elevator, this specific configuration of our most important organic element hasn’t even reached its potential yet. More discoveries are expected in the coming months and years.

4: Bringing Extinct Creatures Back

Fun fact: 99.9% of all life that ever existed on Earth is extinct. Another fun fact: science can bring some back.
The Lazarus Project recently used cloning technology to produce viable embryos for an extinct species of frog. The implications to this cloning are, of course, revolutionary.

5: Paper Batteries Powered By Blood

Scientists for years have been criticizing films like The Matrix for being unrealistic. Surely, there’s no viable energy to be produced from the human body. Except that, recently, scientists developed a “paper battery” (a small, thin power-source) that runs primarily on blood.

Although this sounds like the main point to a dastardly plot, it’s actually for benevolent usage: powering medical devices like pacemakers left within the body.

Article by Hayley Granton

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