Infinite Crisis: A look at Gaslight Batman

Batman, the name has been a beacon of justice for kids and adults around the world, is a playboy philanthropist by day and a caped crusader for justice by night. Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, became the self-proclaimed guardian of his home town, Gotham City, when, as a child, he watched the brutal murder of his parents, gunned down one evening while visiting the city. This led to a change in Bruce, who became obsessed with vigilante justice, convinced that the Gotham Police were too corrupt to protect and serve the citizens of Gotham. After the death of his parents, Bruce was raised by his butler, Alfred. Alfred became Bruce’s most trusted confidant and friend. There have been many video games that feature Batman and the many variations of him. One of these is Infinite Crisis, a Multiplayer Online battle arena, which takes the characters of the DC comic universe and pits them against their villain counterparts. There are two variations of Batman in Infinite Crisis; these are Gaslight Batman and Nightmare Batman. In this article, we will highlight Gaslight Batman.


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Gaslight Batman is based on the Victorian Era of the Universe, also known as the Age of Invention. This shows in the steampunk inspired look of Batman. Gone is the more traditional look of the caped crusader which has been replaced by glowing eye slits in the cowl and a cape that looks more like an open overcoat. Gaslight Batman’s main weapon is his trusted sonic pistols. These pistols shoot out a blast of sonic waves that attack foes, similar to a regular pistol. Gaslight Batman has in-game stats that lean heavily on the attack side. The stats also show our hero as being very weak in defense, meaning that Gaslight Batman must make quick and decisive attacks against his enemies and then retreat to the shadows to wait for his power cool down time limit to end. These time limits take place after every special power use.


Gaslight Batman takes on the role of a Marksman, meaning that he is more deadly with ranged weapons than any other in his arsenal. Gaslight Batman has five special skills and they are Echoes, Sonic Batarang, Sonic Shell, Bat Flight and Bat Scream. The Echoes skill acts as a debuff and buff at the same time. When used, Echoes will reveal hidden enemies as well as debuff any bad guys that are in the area of effect. Echoes also act as a buff because it increases the damage dealt by the Sonic Batarang and the Bat Scream. The Sonic Batarang has been a part of Batman since the early comic books. This version of the Batarang has the ability to deal damage to many enemies once upgraded. Sonic Shell is an explosive device that will damage nearby enemies. Bat Flight is how Gaslight Batman gets around the arena, allowing the player to swoop in at the last minute to save the day, or to beat a hasty retreat. Bat Scream is a blast of sonic waves that travels the whole distance of the map, dealing damage to any fiends along the way.

Infinite Crisis is being developed by Turbine, Inc. with DC Comics. The game is in beta right now and is accepting signups.

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By Jenny Johnson

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