Indispensable Gadgets for Classic Car Owners

Do you own a classic car? If you answered yes, chances are you have spent endless hours restoring your precious automobile to turn heads when you drive it down the freeway on the weekend. Classic car lovers and owners take pride in their cars and treat them as if they are part of the family, but just because the vehicle is a classic does not mean you cannot enjoy some modern amenities that new cars offer. If you simply want to enjoy some of your favorite tunes while you are driving for pleasure, or you want to make your vehicle less of a gas hog even though you are exempt from emissions tests, invest in these must-haves and enjoy the luxuries of a modern car in a classic car with character.

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Must-Haves For Your Classic to Bring it Into the Modern World

* A Cassette Adapter

When you are cruising with your top down, one of the only things you might be missing is your music. Even when you can get radio reception, one of the last things you want to do is listen to the top 40 radio music that you hear practically everywhere you go. You do not have to tear up the dash, install a new mounting kit, and invest in a state-of-the-art radio deck just to listen to everything you have stored on your iPod. In fact, you can keep your car a classic and invest in an affordable yet effective cassette adapter that will turn your cassette player into an MP3 player in just seconds. This adapter comes with a cassette tape that is attached to a plug that can power your iPod and play the music through your car’s speakers.

* Gas Mileage Tuners

Car manufacturers 30 years ago were not very concerned about fuel efficiency. In fact, classic cars consume a whole lot of gas if you cannot find a way to make the engine more efficient. You do not necessarily have to deal with the inefficiency of the past if you invest on the right modern add-ons to improve gas mileage. There are variety of different add-ons that you can choose from to make your classic car use gas like the more modern models. There are gas savings chips that are generally referred to as power programmers and performance tuners that can be used on many classic cars. These tuners use easy plug ‘n play installation, and are programmed to identify where fuel is being wasted and destroy the problem. The tuners may cost between $179 and $500, but the investment is worthwhile for the environment and your pockets.

* Seat Belt Stabilizers

One of the biggest problems you may have when it comes to safety in your classic involves the seat belts. If the tension does not hold on your seat belts because of the vehicles age, invest in a seat belt stabilizer that will maintain the belts tension to hold you in place or to hold a booster seat firmly in place when you have children.

With these must-have additions, you can turn your classic into a more modern vehicle without making it lose any of its charm. There are plenty of accessories in add-ons you can invest in to enjoy the modern luxuries of today in a vehicle from the past. Make sure your vehicle is stocked with everything you need to enjoy a fun, safe ride and you will schedule time to enjoy your classic on the weekends.

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