Improving your computer performance

If your computer moving really slow?

You could have one of the following problems:

  1. A computer virus
  2. A spyware
  3. Too many programs installed
  4. You need extra RAM

The new software are designed to look good and to use all the computer resources. So the lack of resources makes your computer move slow.

Adding Computer RAM will dramatically increase the computer speed. All applications will move faster and you will save a lot of time when working on the computer.

How much ram or memory do you need?

1GB to 3GB would be considered basic computing and tasks would include email, surfing the web, basic office programs, accounting and personal finance.

2GB to 4GB would be considered mainstream computing with some focus on enty level programs that are used to create such as PowerPoint, Excel and other accounting software.

2GB to 8GB now you’re a real computer user. Games, music, videos, both watching and creating. Large emphasis on photo creation and editing software.

Not only PCs need extra Ram, the Macs are needing it also. You can Add IMAC Memory too speed up your Mackintosh.

My compter has now 2 GB of RAM. It is enough for my simple tasks as surfing the web, managing websites, writing web materials and presentations, even playing games.

I’m thinking of getting a DDR PC2700 Memory to increase my moving speed.

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