Implementation and Use of Biometric Authentication

If you consider the weakest link in your organization’s information security measures are passwords, then it is time that you move ahead to settle down with some more secure alternative. Considering biometric authentication to be your chosen form can turn the security measures of your company around. It is no surprise that weak and predictable passwords are easy to guess and hence can be hacked or faked. Biometrics, on the other hand, is more secure as your employees won’t have to carry identification cards or SmartCards with them. They, themselves are key to their identification and authentication. So, they can neither forget to bring it or risk losing it.

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When you decide to make the shift from traditional identification and authentication methods to biometrics, you have to be careful. The shift and implementation should be done in such a manner so that it doesn’t cause unhappiness among your employees. To make things work in the best interest of the company, you can communicate with your employees to know which biometric method they would be comfortable with and attempt to address their concerns accordingly.

Speaking of types of biometric authentication, there are some forms that are easier to apply and more tolerable compared to others. It is vital for you to get an understanding about the kind your staff feels comfortable about. Some may think fingerprint is a better one than iris recognition, while some may think voice recognition to be cooler than palm recognition. How do you settle down to one method? Simple, have a survey in your office and decide in favor of a method that reaches majority.

Some of the most popular biometric authentication methods, accepted over the world by organizations are fingerprint and biometric signature authentication. These two usually have records of less resistance in office and are likely to cause least troubles to employees. Once, the method is finalized you can appoint someone in your organization to research on the various products available in the market to search for one that befits your needs. It is obvious that the market will have overabundant choices to puzzle you. However, a carefully conducted research can help you a lot. You can also take the help of a reliable biometric software and service provider to find out the truth behind every product. Based on that information, you can zero down on one product that you think will suit your organization perfectly.

A biometric service provider with a reputed name in the industry can also guide you to take the right decision about the choice of biometric authentication device and software. With years of experience to boast, these companies know more than any research can help you. Even when the choice is done, this provider can install it to the company premises.

Although, you will be shifting over to biometric authentication, it is advised to keep your existing method of authentication in the initial days. Ensure the transition from old method to biometrics is smooth enough for everyone in the organization and then, bid adieu to the previous form. Having dual authentication method in office makes it more secure. However, many will argue about the time it will possibly consume. So, it is wise to keep this dual method till the time all employees are comfortable with the new system. Once the gradual shift is successfully done, you can enjoy the benefits of quick biometric authentication method.

You can also go for a fragmented implementation. Starting from senior levels or departments that require utmost security and making way through other departments in your organization, biometric authentication system can be implemented. This way you can also opt for a gradual implementation.

Thus, no matter which way you choose to introduce biometric authentication system in your organization, it can surely prove beneficial by ensuring accuracy of results in the fastest manner possible.

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