ila DUSK Personal Alarm review

The ila DUSK Personal Alarm was easy to test.


ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a gadget for women. Women usually gets attacked walking home alone at night.

ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a personal alarm that emits a piercing, high decibel female scream designed to shock and disorientate an attacker.


Testing the personal alarm was really easy: I have unplugged the little chain attached to the alarm and a noisy, loud, scary sound started. To stop the alarm you have to reconnect the chain.

ila DUSK Personal Alarm Review

This gadget is simple and effective. It has a beautiful design – now one will guess that it is an alarm.

It works very simple: just unplug the chain and the alarm will go on. The alarm is very powerful so you will definitely attract attention which is exactly what you want when you are attacked.

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