iCookie Review

iCookie is a small and smart gadget which allows you to track and keep you child or belongings close to you. This gadget works paired with the iCookie app which must be installed on a smartphone and it acts as an anti-lost tracker.


With the iCookie gadget you will not loose you child, pet or luggage because your phone will alert you if the gadget is out of range (10~20m) .

The use of the device is simple: attach the iCookie to the person, pet or object and install the app on your phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users and you can download them from iTunes or Google Play.


Whenever the iCookie is away from you phone both the device and the phone will send notifications. You can find the device by following the sound alerts, or by using the radar or map function from your phone.

The iCookie is useful to:

  • prevent a missing child in crowd places
  • prevent a missing pet
  • prevent a missing belongings

In conclusion: the iCookie is an useful gadget which will keep your child, pet and belongings safe.

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