iContact Email Marketing and Blogging Software

iContact Email Marketing Software overview

Icontact.com launched a product that let you easily create, publish, and track email newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds, surveys, and autoresponders all from the same web application.

This email marketing and blogging tool is very useful for site owners and webmasters.

The iContact Email Marketing Software is extremely easy to use.

You must take 3 easy steps: 1. Create professional messages, 2. Publish your messages with the lightening speed, 3. Track you result to see how the messages are performing.

You can chose fro over 400 professionally designed templates.


The standard iContact Email Marketing Software features include: mail personalization, message scheduling,forward-to-a-friend, spam check, subscription management, WYSIWYG NewsletterEditor. The advanced features include: list segmentation, multiple messageautoresponder, integrated surveying, RSS feeds, advanced analytics, eventmanagement.

Software pricing scheme

The prices vary by the number of subscribers as you can see in the tablebelow.





































Non-profit organizations get a 20% discount to all that prices, if theycan provide documentation of their status.

Free trial

iContact Email Marketing Software has a 15 days free trial to see how theprogram works and what it can do for you.

In conclusion

The iContact Software is a great tool for small internet business and siteowners.

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