I-gotU review

What is i-gotU ?

I-gotU is a GPS Logger and Receiver 2-in-1 device including user-friendly Travel Blog Software. I-gotU records trip routes, Auto-adds photo GPS locations, creates an animated trip journal that brings back live trip memory by plotting the route and playing back the photos / YouTube videos with the exact location on 3D maps, making it more fun and easier to share trip or outdoor sport activities with friends through @trip travel-blog hosting site, Internet Explorer MHTML or Google KMZ file format or popular web album Picasa & Flickr.


This gadget is compatible with all digital cameras & camera phones.

How I-gotU works

Using the I-gotu device is very simple: start the gadget and start moving. Once you connect the device to your computer and you will see the route you have taken and if you made pictures on your trip the images will be synchronized with I-gotU and you will see exatley where they were made.

I-gotU features

  • records time, location, altitude, heading and speed
  • track where you have been to, check-out training results
  • you will never forget where you took the pictures
  • you can easily locate yourself

I-gotU review

I-gotU is a very useful device for outdoor enthusiasts, sport and fitness fans, people who forget where they took pictures, travel bloggers and the ones who get lost often.

I have used the I-gotU to remember where I’ve made the pictures and I plan to use the device for my travel blog.

This gadget is very simple to use: just start it, go on your journey and download the data on your computer. You will get info about time, location, altitude, heading and speed and you can see exactly where an image was made.

Price and availability info

I-gotU  cost $79.90 and it is available at Amazon.com. For UK readers I have bad news on Amazon UK this product is currently unavailable.

My Images with I-gotU



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