I-Axe USB Guitar

I-Axe USB Guitar

If you fancy yourself as the next Jimi Hendrix but haven’t the space or finances to mess around with all the paraphernalia that accompanies an electric guitar, then the iAxe is for you. Thrashing away on a guitar has to be one of life’s great pleasures (for you at any rate – if not the people having to listen to you), and with the achingly cool iAxe USB Guitar, heaven is just a strum away. An absolute steal at less than a hundred quid, the iAxe has a beautiful black body with a maple neck, single-coil pickups with five way switching added into the mix, and the all important whammy bar. The kit comes with clever, USB-friendly software so you can transform your PC or Mac into an amp come effects desk and recording studio in one, all without the need for extra expensive software. Whether you feel like slow jams, quiet jams (plug in your headphones), hard rock and roll, or just playing along to your favourite tracks stored on the computer, the jamming world is at your finger tips, and the iAxe is the ultimate sound machine.

You can have this for £99.95 – Approx USD $179.91 / €147.93

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